Molly McGinthy

About Molly

My degree in Professional Writing from MSU taught me the fundamentals of writing and editing for any audience. However, for much of my time in the workforce, my main paycheck has come from sales. From retail to management to wholesale, my experience in products and with a vast spectrum of consumers gives me a unique insight into writing for a buying audience. I would say that is my best work; you can judge for yourself under the “Portfolio” tab.  

I am also an ace at editing. I prefer a very classic approach to grammar but can quickly switch to a more modern voice if necessary. Does punctuation give you a head ache? It’s my favorite! I did a whole paper about Edgar Allen’s use of punctuation to control the flow and voice of his stories and loved every nerdy second of it. Let me debate colon versus semi colon. You have other things to worry about.

When I’m not writing for work, I am writing for fun. I have two poems published and am hoping to have a novel to add to that list soon. Stay tuned. I am also an avid dog lover, cold brew addict, and triathlete wanna-be.